Another Choice, Another Chance – Re-creating Positive Life with Residential Treatment

Our Residential Treatment Offers High-Level Care for You

Another Choice, Another Chance offers a life-changing opportunity to individuals who are in need of 24-hour support care while receiving therapy to confront the challenges related to substance abuse and addiction. With our program, we help you focus on addressing and fighting the concerns that are adversely affecting your well-being.

The success secret of our residential treatment is that we allow you to step away from your everyday surroundings and engaging you in therapeutic treatment with more energetic and positive mindset. This treatment may last for a short period, but it leaves its optimistic imprints for a long time.

If your concern is about living outside your home or community, put your worries to rest.We keep you under the supervision of friendly and trained staff members. With the objective of getting back your lost confidence and positive zeal to live a happy life, our professional staff assists you in all possible ways.

Residential Treatment – A Personalized Program Designed for All

We aim at bringing the much-needed positive changes in your life by understanding your mindset and diagnosing your challenges. Another Choice, Another Chance has created this program with the idea of recognising the underlying pain and the continuous struggle inside your head that tempts you to go back to the destructive world of addiction, so that we can aid you in resisting it.

Our Program Provides:

• Comprehensive evaluation to understand social needs, behavioral, educational, and emotional challenges
• Therapy both group and individual
• Involvement of your family or support system
• Nutritional education
• Physical fitness

Another Choice, Another Chance offers this unique Residential Treatment Program, which helps you in pulling yourself away from the feeling of emptiness and emotional trauma you face after calling it quits. We help you in discovering new paths in life through this treatment.

Call us now to begin your journey to lead an alcohol and drug free life!