It is estimated that 9 percent of all individuals with a full-time job- almost one in ten individuals employed full time is suffering from substance abuse. Many professionals with an addiction do not feel like treatment is an option, because of fear of losing their job. In all likelihood, an addiction will ultimately result in the loss of one's career at some point if it is not addressed with treatment. But fortunately individuals in this situation will find that there are several options available to them that won't force them to sacrifice their careers to get help for addiction. There are a number of options available for professionals to receive treatment: Talk to the employee sponsored EAP All insurance plans must provide coverage for addiction treatment.

Employees can use Family Medical Leave Act., also check into the Americans with Disabilities Act. If vacation is available take a vacation leave if you need residential treatment. Many professionals do not feel comfortable with getting treatment in the community or state where they live, many out of state treatment facilities will arrange for airport pick-up services. There is option available for those who are suffering with substance abuse problems and cannot lose their careers. It is very important to communicate with loved ones and employers about getting help for addiction problems, getting help does not mean that your career is over, but not getting help can end your career!