Another Choice, Another Chance – Your Hope for Clean and Sober Living


Is the Idea of Clean and Sober Living a Plausible One?

Another Choice, Another Chance envisions a community that is free and clean from all the imprints of drug and alcohol addiction. Our foremost goal is to help youin living a drug-free life.

We understand that starting or resuming your life after going through the deep dark realms of drug and alcohol addiction is never an easy task, but our program endeavors to turn things around. In order to survive the hopeless world of addiction, our Clean and Sober Living Program is an impactful and brilliant choice to helping you on your journey to staying clean and sober.

At Another Choice, Another Chance, we believe in the idea of bridging the gap between residential treatment and returning home, and that is or clean and sober/ residentialrelapse prevention housing. We offer individuals and families a new ray of hope to lead a peaceful and positive life, by transitioning you or your loved one back into the home after treatment. We focus on creating a program that understands the clients’ and the needs of the family.

What Makes Our Programs So Effective?

We help you build on your strengths as your foundation to rebuild your life without alcohol and other drugs. This program is based on the simple idea of helping you obtain and refrain from using alcohol and other drugs. Here are the highlights of our program:

• Clean and Sober Living
• Nutrition and Exercise
• Family education and support

Another Choice, Another Chance is like a wind that has swept away all the negative thoughts and ideas, leaving behind only the positivity. We promote the idea of clean and sober living because life is too short to waste it in addiction of all sorts.

Call us now to begin a new chapter of your life with clean and sober living!